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There is an unprecedented flow of construction business moving through the economy right now and efficiency is the name of the game.

What are your goals to maximize the opportunity and eliminate any busywork in your sales and estimating team?

AimBolt will help optimize your bid processes by doing the tedious work for you – allowing you and your staff to focus on winning your next project!

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A Note From Our Founder

What’s Your Why?

One of the most common question we get is “Why only Architectural Surfaces & Countertops?” Why not perform takeoffs for other construction divisions? Any Estimator can perform quantity takeoffs, right? So why focus on such a specialized niche? Great question – and the answer is found in our history.

Almost a decade ago, when the US economy set out to launch commercial construction to unprecedented growth levels – my team and I noticed a trend of specialty scopes beginning to suffer in business while everyone else seemed to be thriving.

It was such an anomaly that it begged the question of why? Why were so many large Fabrication and Millwork companies falling by the wayside in this hot market? After months of research and peeling the layers back, we quickly saw that it was due to a lack of expertise and understanding in the pre-construction phase. Jobs were not being bid properly and scopes where not complete or accurate.

This was especially true in the niche markets such as Architectural Surfaces, Countertops and other Finish Scopes that dealt in unique and often exotic materials. It did not make sense on why the product offering was always considered an upgrade, but often commercial projects would net a zero profitability to the Fabricators and Millworkers!

Digging even deeper, we saw a trend that directly correlated to the growth in the economy. Just to keep up with bid demands, Fabricators and Millworkers alike started hiring anyone with general construction estimating experience to perform their takeoffs and structure their quotes for bid time.

Sounds great, feels normal right? Not really – and this ended up being one of the single most critical factors in creating AimBolt. A typical Estimator might be able to quantify a scope and find all the pieces – but what a general Construction Estimator cannot do is look at the scope through the eyes of a Fabricator.

Companies were rapidly expanding their businesses, but this created a deep lack of understanding how Surfaces interact with other scopes. The inexperience of how these products were fabricated and installed seemed to have led to the chain effect that put so many Fabricator’s and Millworkers out of business in one of the strongest economies ever!

We recognized that if there was a complete understanding of how the products and processes work, then there would be a complete understanding of how pricing the project accordingly would set you up to be a winner at not only bid time but also upon completion.

Thus, AimBolt was created to help raise the bidding standards for the Architectural Surfaces Industry. To pool the best estimators in the market and help Fabricators, Millworkers & Suppliers capture true values of materials, waste factors and unique labor conditions that directly affect their profitability.

Our team of estimators come from the Surfaces Industry – it is a requirement. We have run the saws, programmed the CNC’s, lifted the stone, sanded the coves, ran the grinders, laid the tile, and have polished to perfection countless jobs. We are the ones that look at your job through the eyes of a Fabricator.

Since it is no secret that you Win More when you Bid More – we offer first class service and highly detailed options to you as our client – giving you the confidence to attack your project full throttle and to close more deals knowing your scope is covered – through the eyes of a Fabricator.

As the President of AimBolt, I am committed to helping you achieve your goals and the opportunity to bid a higher quantity of projects, at margins that are profitable, all while reducing your overhead costs in estimating.

We are honored to serve you and look forward to a long and profitable relationship!



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