Imagine how this package will quickly suppliment or expand your bidding capacity

What you get in this package

  • Detailed Blueprint Mark-Ups

  • Detailed Scope Sheet in PDF

  • Detailed Scope Sheet in Excel

  • OST Bid Package Export

  • 2-years Project Backup


We will highlight and note every detail that is important to your scope.

Use these plans to get a quick but comprehensive understanding of your project as a whole. Send them to your client so they too are confident in awarding you the job!


A comprehensive list of every product required for you to perform the job with up to 3 units UOM's.

Your takeoffs will be in PDF or Excel, whichever is the most convenient for you and your team, allowing you to plug in your specific costs, labor & profit.


Already use OST? Send us your Master Library and we will deliver your takeoff using your custom conditions and material color codes!

We'll even send you the Bid Package master file so you have the original work - forever!


As project lifecycles become more and more complex, it’s not uncommon to have a valid bid package for at least 12 months before any contracts are issued.

AimBolt has taken the stress out of wondering where your project is when it’s revived and you’ve long forgotten about it! We’ll keep your project safely and securely backed up for 2 years in our encrypted cloud storage for you.

Whether you are building an Estimating team or just supplementing your existing workflow, this package is perfect for the projects that need to be highly-detailed and quantified correctly.

Spend your time working on multiple smaller jobs, while our team takes on your large or more complex projects – allowing you to be more efficient without comprimising quality in your bids.

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